Chained up, out of sight: Desperate families often keep mentally ill relatives in squalid conditions. Vanna has been chained up for years, and rarely leaves the room where she is confined. When she needs to relieve herself, her sister brings a basket and places it beneath her in this one-room thatch house, in rural Cambodia. Read article, published 10 March 2017.

mob killing in kandal

Mob justice in Cambodia: By yesterday morning, two bodies had bled out on the dirt in a Kandal village, the bloody aftermath of Cambodia’s latest chilling incident of mob violence … And though both men were murdered, seemingly no one will face a court, with police apparently willing to place responsibility on a mob mentality. Read article, published 25 April 2017.

Woman feeding child

The choices that bind: Misinformation, traditional values add to burdens of rural women … “It is true that when the husband asks the wife to have sex, and the woman refuses, there will be violence.” Read article, published 8 March 2017.